It has been a while since we posted to this blog. To be honest, that's because nothing much has really changed. After introducing the Hobo Hanky in the Fall of 2014, we gradually introduced new colors over the following 6-8 months until we arrived at the current catalog of 6 colors: Chocolate Brown, Desert Tan, Olive Drab, Traveler Black, Blaze Orange, and the Original Camo. Aside from introducing the Pocket Blind, we really haven't done anything new...until now!

As stated in our FAQ, the concept of the Hobo hanky is based upon the shemagh or keffiyeh. They have been carried and used for thousands of years to provide for the daily comfort and safety of Mideastern people, and have only recently been recognized in the West for their value and utility. Unfortunately, while the concept of the shemagh appeals to Western world users, the design and appearance of the shemagh does not. The Hobo hanky was designed to overcome the objections that many folks have about the ethnic look and feel of the traditional shemagh. It has been called the American shemagh by some. :-)

While the shemagh is a great basis to design a product around, we received quite a bit of feedback from our customers suggesting that we should offer another product based upon the quintessential American equivalent to the shemagh: the bandana. These customers, and there were quite a few, suggested that we should offer another version of the Hobo Hanky that is based upon the bandana. In other words, a bandana that is super sized to 42X42 inches. That sounded like a real winner to us!

Unfortunately, the concept of a 42X42 inch bandana is easier to talk about then to actually find a manufacturer who will produce one! It seems that tradition runs deep, no one wants to take a chance and offer a product that is "different" or that varies significantly from the norm. "You want a bandana that measures HOW BIG?" we would hear time and time again.

Finally, after months and months of searching, sending designs, and receiving inferior samples back, we found a small, family owned bandana manufacturer who was willing to take a chance and produce small quantities of a product that met our design specifications for size (42X42 in), weight (3.0-3.5 oz), material (100% cotton cambric), and finish (tight weave #40 yarn). The result is the brand spanking new Deluxe Hobo Hanky!

In order to emphasize its bandana origins, we are offering the initial run of Deluxe Hobo Hankys in your choice of Red or Blue polka dot pattern that we proudly call Hobo Dots! In the coming months we hope to add new colors and patterns to the Deluxe Hobo Hanky line up. If you have an idea for a design or color, please let us know by clicking here.


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