We are very happy to announce that the long awaited new colors are finally available!

Based on our customers' feedback we are pleased to now offer Olive Drab, Desert Tan, Chocolate Brown and Traveler Black in addition to our existing color, Blaze Orange. All five colors are now in stock and ready for shipment. :-)

Note that for all of you who have been asking about the availability of the original Camo and / or the Pocket Blind kit, we expect the camouflage Hobo Hanky to be back in stock at the end of March. We apologize for the delay.
We really feel that the new colors will greatly expand the usefullness of the Hobo Hanky.

Desert Tan is a natural choice for anyone living or visiting the more arid portions of our great country such as the South West, or even countries in the Mid East. It could be used to mop your brow, cool your neck, as well as create a desert camouflage hide for hunters and snipers alike.

Military personel or members of scouting organizations might find the familiar Olive Drab a useful item to tie around their necks or include in the packs when heading out to the unknown.

The Blaze Orange is a natural for hunters, public safety officers, search and rescue, dog owners, and general emergency kit use in your home, office, car, school, etc.

Our urban customers should appreciate the universal appeal of the Chocolate Brown which is stylish and will blend in in whatever civilized setting it is needed. Moms, stay at home Dads, and care takers in particular will appreciate its usefullness as a scarf, baby sling, baby blanket, cleanup rag, and even as an emergency diaper! It will be equally at home stuffed in a coat pocket as well as a diaper bag.

And Travelers (and Ninjas?) of all types will naturally gravitate toward Traveler Black. Its usefullness to the original Men of the Road while traveling through the carefree and impromptu journey we call life is what earned the Hobo Hanky its name in the first place!

If you have additional thoughts or ideas on how the new (or old) colors can be used, please feel free to email us at hank@hobohanky.com. Or go to our "Talk To Us" page and fill out a comment form. In the weeks ahead we plan to start offering special promotions as a thank you to customers who offer feedback.


Betty Sheldom
03/02/2015 7:31pm

Love my camo and orange, now I will need the new colors, we travel alot and hunt. We live in Alaska. Thank you so much for such a useful product!

03/04/2015 9:42pm

Love the 3 that I have, now I will order new colors


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