We have gotten quite a bit of feedback from customers. Some of it came with orders, some came as a result of our surveys, and some was just unsolicited feedback. We thought you would enjoy seeing what other customers and fans have to say about the Hobo Hanky.

Note that we have not included names or other identifying information. We have also edited some of the comments to exclude non-pertinent information like questions or order information. We have also included both the good and the bad feedback.

Customer Feedback:
Received hobo hankies. Thanks very much for a quality product and for reviving an age old item. 

Great product, but could use more variety on camo styles

Great product. I bought 2 of em. Digital Navy Blue would be great. I was in the Navy so I'm partial to blue.

What is the strong smell when the hanky is new? Dye , starch? Other than that it seems great. Can't wait to get it out side.

I have been searching for a place to get kerchiefs. Glad to find your sight in the backwoodsman as well as your article. This fits the spot which I have been trying to fill. Looking forward to their arrival.


I work in the forestry industry and use bandanas quite often. The size that you offer is far more useful. Read your article in "The Backwoodsman". Could not agree more!

My father was a railroader for most of his life and an outdoors-man. He always had a 'hanky' in his pocket, or maybe two, just depending on what activities we were doing. My mother used to make over-sized hankies for us to use while fishing or camping for more options for use especially since we are big men with extra large needs and wants. So thanks for the article in the Backwoodsman magazine and for the memories about the ol' hanky from many days past and the usefulness of them. It's an old habit I'll never break even though in today's climate it must not be 'cool' or fashionable to wear a watch or have a handy hanky or two on hand. So since I'm not much at sewing I'd like to thank you for making this item available to an old man that's been in search for extra large hankies for a long time.

Do you ship to Canada? I have bandanas but they are too small. Like your idea.

Just read your article in the Backwoodsman Mag. Well done.

Been looking for something like this for awhile , seems like bandanas from the past were larger than now 

It's all good!

My only issue with the hanky was the amount of dye that came off when wet. I hand washed it . I rinsed and rung it out many times but dye still came out. Besides that I do like the hanky, very lightweight for it's size.

Try the new color: Navy digital blue

Had a few pulled threads after washing. Was able to pull them back though. They need a better edge binding. Thanks!

Need more non-camouflage colors.

I would prefer a heavier material. It seems like it might tear or rip easily with hard use. Nonetheless, I believe it to be a very useful and innovative product.

I'd like to see some more tactical colors, something coyote brown or of green. Something I could keep in my military kit.



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