We're happy to say that we now label the Hobo Hanky package. As our original customers already know, we have always, up to this point, shipped the Hobo Hankys sealed in a plain, clear plastic, reclosable bag with no labeling or description of what is inside the package. We decided this wasn't good enough, so we designed a label showing "Hank", our Hobo mascot, with contents of the bag, description, care instructions, and our contact information. We think this will make it nicer when giving a Hobo Hanky as a gift, and is just more professional looking.



07/15/2015 4:48pm

Once you have sampled hobo quality merchandise it would'nt make a difference what it came in.
The Hobo silhouette does make customers feel reassured it is original Hobo merchandise!
Ty for your time and effort


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