Step 1.
Gather your materials. You'll need a Hobo Hanky, or a large kerchief at least 36 inches square. You'll also need a good stout stick about an inch or two in diameter and anywhere from 4 to 6 feet long. You can use your favorite walking stick, a sawn off branch, or even an old broomstick.

Step 2.
Put your worldly goods in a heap in the middle of the hanky. Remember the basics like warm socks, some snacks, and a good book.

Step 3.
Tie diagonal corners together using a simple overhand knot. After tying the 2 knots there should be plenty of extra hanky left over.

Step 4.
Lay your stick across the middle of the bindle, where the 2 knots meet.

Step 5.
Tie the extra ends together using a square knot.

Step 6.
Hoist the stick on to your shoulder and make sure the bindle is well balanced and secure to the stick.

Step 7.
Quit your job, develop a taste for beans and cheap hooch, and become a gentleman of the road!



11/03/2014 10:42pm

Pretty cool! I've got a shillelagh I made from an ironwood branch that I think I'll use instread of a walking stick. As a hobo bindle it will be more discrete than tucked in my belt!


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