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10/19/2014 9:35pm

Received my hankie yesterday. It came sealed in a plastic bag along with a one page sheet of care instructions. Basically it said the hankie is dyed and made of cotton so don't wash it with light colored stuff and it might shrink if you wash it in hot water. That's the same instructions you get with a pair of jeans, no problem!

I opted to wash it first before using it cause right out of the bag it was a bit stiff and had a "new clothing" kind of smell to it, like starch. What a difference! When it came out of the dryer the camo dye job had faded some, not a lot, but it was not as bright. To me that was a good thing as the muted color seems better suited to being in the woods.

It was also a lot softer after washing and the fabric got "crinkley" like a gauze scarf. In fact The Wife tried it on and liked how soft it was and wanted to know if it came in other colors!

The main reason I bought it was to wear shemagh style as a face veil during early deer archery season to 1) hide my face, 2) keep bugs off my face, and 3) keep my head warm in the morning. I intend to use it tomorrow, weather permitting, and will let you all know how it works out.

10/22/2014 10:07pm

I ordered 2: one for the vehicle and one for my pocket.
They are loose weave cotton, you can see through em, dyed a nice camo pattern, and as the ad says: they are big! Folded diagonal they are about 60" from corner to corner, that's 5 feet.
I found a good way to carry mine, at least in the winter. It's getting frosty here in the mornings (upper Midwest) so on an impulse this morning I wrapped it around my neck like a scarf. It felt really good! It was all warm and cozy, plus it was in a handy place to wipe my hands on while doing morning chores. I was tempted to dry the dog off before letting her in, but decided it was doing too good a job of keeping me cozy.

11/09/2014 8:23pm

I ordered 2 and shipping to Canada was very quick.
I love the size, finally a bandana that can do all the 101 things a bandana is supposed to do. My only issue is with the gauze type material, while this makes it light I would like a more traditional tighter weave cotton that is used in other bandanas. For future colours I'd like to see a plain olive drab, black (for urban use), and blaze orange. Best sellers though might be more of a tactical digital camo but this brown/grey hunter camo works.

Daniel Martin
01/13/2015 9:13am

Just received my first Hobo Hanky and I am very impressed. Shipment to Canada was prompt. Can't wait for more colors to become available as my wife now wants one of her own!
Thanks for a great, versatile product.


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