<![CDATA[HOBO HANKY - Blog]]>Sat, 24 Feb 2018 04:02:03 -0600Weebly<![CDATA[Camo Hobo Hankys Are Back!]]>Sat, 29 Apr 2017 22:25:23 GMThttp://hobohanky.com/1/post/2017/04/camo-hobo-hankys-are-back.htmlGood news for those of you who have been waiting for the Original Camouflage Hobo Hanky to be back in stock. We apologize for the wait but we feel that the new camouflage Hanky was worth waiting for.

First of all, the new camo Hanky is exactly the same as the old version: the same size, same material, same weight, same camo pattern, and same colors. The only thing that has changed is that the newest model is much more color fast. That is, the pattern will not fade with washing.

Naturally, everything that goes through the wash will eventually fade, like your favorite blue jeans. But the new Camo Hobo Hanky will maintain its original camo pattern much longer.

The Original Camo Hobo Hanky was our very first model and is still our number one best seller.]]>
<![CDATA[Product Review]]>Mon, 27 Feb 2017 18:16:02 GMThttp://hobohanky.com/1/post/2017/02/product-review.htmlOur products were recently featured in a review written by Phil Elmore who writes the blog entitled The Martialist.

Phil's blog along with the review can be found here:


Phil's blog is pretty interesting and covers a wide variety of subjects concerning the martial arts and related equipment. A few of our customers have mentioned our products in their comments to him which prompted the review.

<![CDATA[Olive Drab is Back! (Plus more good news as well)]]>Tue, 09 Feb 2016 03:34:06 GMThttp://hobohanky.com/1/post/2016/02/olive-drab-is-back-plus-more-good-news-as-well.htmlThe Olive Drab Hobo Hankys are back in stock! And they are even better then before.

As most of you who read this blog know, we sell two main styles of Hobo Hankys. We sell the Original Hobo Hanky which is based on the Arab shemagh or keffiyeh, and the Deluxe Hobo Hanky which is based on the good ol' American banadana, only four times bigger. We are happy to announce that the new Olive Drab Hobo Hankys are of the Deluxe Hobo Hanky type.

And the even better news is that with this latest addition to the Deluxe Hobo Hanky family, we have met the price point from our manufacturer that allows us to offer the Deluxe Hobo Hankys at the same price as the Original Hobo Hankys! That is, both the Original Hobo Hanky and the Deluxe Hobo Hanky models are now just $9.99 each. That is a $3.00 price drop!

Further, we have simplified our shipping rates to just $3.00 S&H for the first item and only $1.00 for each additional item. No more complicated shipping rates based on distance and weight. This will result in cheaper shipping costs across the board, saving our customers even more money. :-)

<![CDATA[Factory Second Desert Tan Hobo Hanky Twofer Sale!]]>Tue, 03 Nov 2015 18:43:27 GMThttp://hobohanky.com/1/post/2015/11/factory-second-desert-tan-hobo-hankys-twofer-sale.htmlFor a limited time we are clearing out factory seconds of the Original Hobo Hanky in Desert Tan. That is, we are offering TWO factory second Desert Tan Hobo Hankys for only $9.99, plus shipping! 

These are Hankys that, for one reason or another, did not meet our standards. They may have small tears, loose hems, untrimmed threads, dirt marks, or just folded weird. 

Our 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee still applies: if for whatever reason you are not 100% happy with your purchase, just let us know and we will make it right. You can't lose! This offer is good as long as we still have the factory seconds in stock. 

Note that if you order a Desert Tan Pocket Blind we will include TWO Desert Tan Hankys but just one set of blanket pins.]]>
<![CDATA[Announcing the Deluxe Hobo Hanky!]]>Tue, 27 Oct 2015 05:43:08 GMThttp://hobohanky.com/1/post/2015/10/announcing-the-deluxe-hobo-hanky.htmlIt has been a while since we posted to this blog. To be honest, that's because nothing much has really changed. After introducing the Hobo Hanky in the Fall of 2014, we gradually introduced new colors over the following 6-8 months until we arrived at the current catalog of 6 colors: Chocolate Brown, Desert Tan, Olive Drab, Traveler Black, Blaze Orange, and the Original Camo. Aside from introducing the Pocket Blind, we really haven't done anything new...until now!

As stated in our FAQ, the concept of the Hobo hanky is based upon the shemagh or keffiyeh. They have been carried and used for thousands of years to provide for the daily comfort and safety of Mideastern people, and have only recently been recognized in the West for their value and utility. Unfortunately, while the concept of the shemagh appeals to Western world users, the design and appearance of the shemagh does not. The Hobo hanky was designed to overcome the objections that many folks have about the ethnic look and feel of the traditional shemagh. It has been called the American shemagh by some. :-)

While the shemagh is a great basis to design a product around, we received quite a bit of feedback from our customers suggesting that we should offer another product based upon the quintessential American equivalent to the shemagh: the bandana. These customers, and there were quite a few, suggested that we should offer another version of the Hobo Hanky that is based upon the bandana. In other words, a bandana that is super sized to 42X42 inches. That sounded like a real winner to us!

Unfortunately, the concept of a 42X42 inch bandana is easier to talk about then to actually find a manufacturer who will produce one! It seems that tradition runs deep, no one wants to take a chance and offer a product that is "different" or that varies significantly from the norm. "You want a bandana that measures HOW BIG?" we would hear time and time again.

Finally, after months and months of searching, sending designs, and receiving inferior samples back, we found a small, family owned bandana manufacturer who was willing to take a chance and produce small quantities of a product that met our design specifications for size (42X42 in), weight (3.0-3.5 oz), material (100% cotton cambric), and finish (tight weave #40 yarn). The result is the brand spanking new Deluxe Hobo Hanky!

In order to emphasize its bandana origins, we are offering the initial run of Deluxe Hobo Hankys in your choice of Red or Blue polka dot pattern that we proudly call Hobo Dots! In the coming months we hope to add new colors and patterns to the Deluxe Hobo Hanky line up. If you have an idea for a design or color, please let us know by clicking here.
<![CDATA[Camouflage Back In Stock!]]>Mon, 27 Apr 2015 23:19:23 GMThttp://hobohanky.com/1/post/2015/04/camouflage-back-in-stock.htmlWe are happy to announce that Camouflage Hobo Hankys and Original Pocket Blinds are now back in stock! We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused our friends and customers.
In the meantime we are always working on new colors ideas. Please be sure to visit our Talk To Us page to send us a note on which color you nwopuld like to see next.]]>
<![CDATA[New Colors!]]>Sat, 28 Feb 2015 22:26:46 GMThttp://hobohanky.com/1/post/2015/02/new-colors.htmlWe are very happy to announce that the long awaited new colors are finally available!

Based on our customers' feedback we are pleased to now offer Olive Drab, Desert Tan, Chocolate Brown and Traveler Black in addition to our existing color, Blaze Orange. All five colors are now in stock and ready for shipment. :-)

Note that for all of you who have been asking about the availability of the original Camo and / or the Pocket Blind kit, we expect the camouflage Hobo Hanky to be back in stock at the end of March. We apologize for the delay.
We really feel that the new colors will greatly expand the usefullness of the Hobo Hanky.

Desert Tan is a natural choice for anyone living or visiting the more arid portions of our great country such as the South West, or even countries in the Mid East. It could be used to mop your brow, cool your neck, as well as create a desert camouflage hide for hunters and snipers alike.

Military personel or members of scouting organizations might find the familiar Olive Drab a useful item to tie around their necks or include in the packs when heading out to the unknown.

The Blaze Orange is a natural for hunters, public safety officers, search and rescue, dog owners, and general emergency kit use in your home, office, car, school, etc.

Our urban customers should appreciate the universal appeal of the Chocolate Brown which is stylish and will blend in in whatever civilized setting it is needed. Moms, stay at home Dads, and care takers in particular will appreciate its usefullness as a scarf, baby sling, baby blanket, cleanup rag, and even as an emergency diaper! It will be equally at home stuffed in a coat pocket as well as a diaper bag.

And Travelers (and Ninjas?) of all types will naturally gravitate toward Traveler Black. Its usefullness to the original Men of the Road while traveling through the carefree and impromptu journey we call life is what earned the Hobo Hanky its name in the first place!

If you have additional thoughts or ideas on how the new (or old) colors can be used, please feel free to email us at hank@hobohanky.com. Or go to our "Talk To Us" page and fill out a comment form. In the weeks ahead we plan to start offering special promotions as a thank you to customers who offer feedback.
<![CDATA[We've Got Mail]]>Mon, 15 Dec 2014 00:54:10 GMThttp://hobohanky.com/1/post/2014/12/weve-got-mail.htmlWe have gotten quite a bit of feedback from customers. Some of it came with orders, some came as a result of our surveys, and some was just unsolicited feedback. We thought you would enjoy seeing what other customers and fans have to say about the Hobo Hanky.

Note that we have not included names or other identifying information. We have also edited some of the comments to exclude non-pertinent information like questions or order information. We have also included both the good and the bad feedback.

Customer Feedback:
Received hobo hankies. Thanks very much for a quality product and for reviving an age old item. 

Great product, but could use more variety on camo styles

Great product. I bought 2 of em. Digital Navy Blue would be great. I was in the Navy so I'm partial to blue.

What is the strong smell when the hanky is new? Dye , starch? Other than that it seems great. Can't wait to get it out side.

I have been searching for a place to get kerchiefs. Glad to find your sight in the backwoodsman as well as your article. This fits the spot which I have been trying to fill. Looking forward to their arrival.


I work in the forestry industry and use bandanas quite often. The size that you offer is far more useful. Read your article in "The Backwoodsman". Could not agree more!

My father was a railroader for most of his life and an outdoors-man. He always had a 'hanky' in his pocket, or maybe two, just depending on what activities we were doing. My mother used to make over-sized hankies for us to use while fishing or camping for more options for use especially since we are big men with extra large needs and wants. So thanks for the article in the Backwoodsman magazine and for the memories about the ol' hanky from many days past and the usefulness of them. It's an old habit I'll never break even though in today's climate it must not be 'cool' or fashionable to wear a watch or have a handy hanky or two on hand. So since I'm not much at sewing I'd like to thank you for making this item available to an old man that's been in search for extra large hankies for a long time.

Do you ship to Canada? I have bandanas but they are too small. Like your idea.

Just read your article in the Backwoodsman Mag. Well done.

Been looking for something like this for awhile , seems like bandanas from the past were larger than now 

It's all good!

My only issue with the hanky was the amount of dye that came off when wet. I hand washed it . I rinsed and rung it out many times but dye still came out. Besides that I do like the hanky, very lightweight for it's size.

Try the new color: Navy digital blue

Had a few pulled threads after washing. Was able to pull them back though. They need a better edge binding. Thanks!

Need more non-camouflage colors.

I would prefer a heavier material. It seems like it might tear or rip easily with hard use. Nonetheless, I believe it to be a very useful and innovative product.

I'd like to see some more tactical colors, something coyote brown or of green. Something I could keep in my military kit.

<![CDATA[New Package Labeling]]>Mon, 15 Dec 2014 00:32:32 GMThttp://hobohanky.com/1/post/2014/12/new-package-labeling.htmlPicture
We're happy to say that we now label the Hobo Hanky package. As our original customers already know, we have always, up to this point, shipped the Hobo Hankys sealed in a plain, clear plastic, reclosable bag with no labeling or description of what is inside the package. We decided this wasn't good enough, so we designed a label showing "Hank", our Hobo mascot, with contents of the bag, description, care instructions, and our contact information. We think this will make it nicer when giving a Hobo Hanky as a gift, and is just more professional looking.

<![CDATA[Color Survey Results]]>Mon, 08 Dec 2014 04:04:18 GMThttp://hobohanky.com/1/post/2014/12/color-survey-results.htmlThe results are in! Hobo Hanky customers and fans have spoken out about what color they would like us to offer next, and the results are both expected as well as a little bit surprising. The graph below shows the percentage of votes that each color choice received.
The results are expected because "natural" colors such as green, brown, and desert tan were the front runners. And blaze orange too, of course, gave a respectable showing given the outdoor orientation of most Backwoodsman readers.

However, the results were also a bit surprising given that navy blue did not receive a single vote, but blue with white polka dots did!

As a result of this survey we have already offered the blaze orange Hunter Hanky, and have started negotiations with our supplier to eventually offer green, tan, and brown Hankys.

Watch these pages in the weeks to come!