The Olive Drab Hobo Hankys are back in stock! And they are even better then before.

As most of you who read this blog know, we sell two main styles of Hobo Hankys. We sell the Original Hobo Hanky which is based on the Arab shemagh or keffiyeh, and the Deluxe Hobo Hanky which is based on the good ol' American banadana, only four times bigger. We are happy to announce that the new Olive Drab Hobo Hankys are of the Deluxe Hobo Hanky type.

And the even better news is that with this latest addition to the Deluxe Hobo Hanky family, we have met the price point from our manufacturer that allows us to offer the Deluxe Hobo Hankys at the same price as the Original Hobo Hankys! That is, both the Original Hobo Hanky and the Deluxe Hobo Hanky models are now just $9.99 each. That is a $3.00 price drop!

Further, we have simplified our shipping rates to just $3.00 S&H for the first item and only $1.00 for each additional item. No more complicated shipping rates based on distance and weight. This will result in cheaper shipping costs across the board, saving our customers even more money. :-)